About Us


President Daniel Petty

Daniel has been President since the passing of our founder Rita Ford. He is a dedicated member of GPNA. He is frequently doing alley clean ups, gardening and mobile patrol always supporting Gravois Park!


Vice President Larry Atherton

Larry is a dedicated member of the GPNA. Always there to help! Larry is in charge of Mobile Patrol. 


Dale Sweet, Secretary

Dale works tirelessly to help the neighborhood in several ways. 

About Us


Nancy Stopke, Treasurer

Nancy is wonderful volunteer and asset to the neighborhood. She is involved in her neighborhood and children's school. 


Kirsten Petty, Beautification

Kirsten is charge of our 2 gardens and tree lot along Potomac Ave. She is also on the Neighborhood Accountability Board. She is also married to Daniel Petty. If you would like to participate with the gardens, alley clean ups or NAB, please email her at KirstenPetty79@gmail.com.


Carolyn Jamerison, Community Advisor

Carolyn is a long time Gravois Park resident and active in the community. She can be seen in the neighborhood helping neighbors young and old. 

About Us


Kemata Mccline, Community Advisor

Kemata is long term resident with her family. She is wonderful asset to our community.


Mr. Mann, Public Safety and Trash Maintenance

Mr. Mann is a 40 plus year Gravois Park resident and retired engineer. He has several inventions, including his adopt a bucket program is already cleaning up the streets!  "It is about bring the people together in a common effort. To give them respected and caring about where they live. It is also about keeping the streets and alleys from making us sick. No telling what sickness starts in our alleys and streets. Pride and caring about where you live is important.It is a choice each person has to make. Life is a choice we must make good choice or bad choices. Hope we can lead others to make good choice in Gravois Park. " 


Eric Bothe, Head of Beautification & Community Advisor

Eric maintains the beauty of Gravois Park. He also can be seen planting flowers and trees around. He is a long term Gravois Park resident.